Can Köroğlu is a Turkish filmmaker and photographer based in London.

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Here for his design work (2012-2017).
And here for the mobile app he designed and co-founded.

He is currently studying MA Filmmaking in London Film School.



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Jonas in Three Colours, 2019
35mm Black and White, 11’21’’

Akrobat, 2018
Digital, B&W, 3', 24''

Frame, 2018
16mm Colour, 4'41''

Steps, 2017
16mm B&W, Silent, 3'15'

Agnès Godard on Room 666, 2017

Four Movements, 2015
Digital, Colour, No Sound, 3'35''

in, 2015
B&W, No Sound, 2' Loop Video

The Dream of A Man Who Passed Away Half an Hour Ago, 2015
B&W, 1’19’’